Level Descriptions

User Type Descriptions

Level-1: Basic Functionality

This user type provides access to the basic functionality in StockOpter.com including data entry, dashboard access, report creation and monitoring.  Level-1 users can update client/participant records, but they can’t initiate new cases. 

Level-1: Basic Functionality Read Only

This user type provides access to the same functionality as above, but these users are precluded from modifying client/participant records.

Level-2: Team User Functionality

This user type provides access to the same features as “Level-1” but includes the ability to view and control their client/participant case renewals in the "My Account" menu. 

Level-3: Stock Plan User Functionality

This user type provides access to the same features as “Level-2” but includes the ability to import client/participant data from .XLS files, activate & de-activate participants, enable participants to access StockOpter and the ability to assign “Main User” status.   

Level-4: Stock Plan Team Functionality

This user type provides access to the features available in “Level 3” and to additional functions that enable them to: modify participant groups, create data export files for importing into StockOpter/Pro, accessing all company archive reports and alerts, updating assumptions (e.g. Volatility) across all clients/participants and adding case token to the account.

Level-5: Admin User / Full Functionality

This user type provides access to all the features and functions available in StockOpter.com.  It is designed for individuals who are responsible for administering their StockOpter account and for supporting users.  In addition to all the functionality in “Level-4”, these users can: create client deliverables by company/ticker, import or group, manage report templates, control alert types and trigger/reminder defaults, view the account transaction report & archive, create new users and reset passwords, provide “all participant access” to users, control account settings with the "My Company" function and view usage/security reports.

Menu Options 
Level 1 
Level 2 
Level 3 
Level 4 
Level 5 
Add/Select Participant
Dashboard Select
Modify Main User
Main User Participants
Modify Participant Groups
Create SO Pro Export File
Create Transfer File
Enable Participant Access
De-Activate Participants
Activate Participants
Create Participant Documents
Create Participant Documents by Batch
Create Participant Documents by Company
Create Participant Documents by Import
Create Participant Documents by Group
My Archive Reports
My Participant Reports
Company Archive Reports
Manage Templates
Manage Company Smart Templates
Participants to Monitor
My Alerts
Company Alerts
Participant Alerts
Alert Types
Company Default Triggers
Company Default Reminders
Participant Site Triggers
Participant Site Reminders
Import Prompt
Pending Imports
Import Transfer File Prompt
Company Info Update
Company Import Grant Types
My Account
My Account
Add Case Tokens To Account
My Company
Active Participants
Participant Users
Participant Renewal Aging
Account Transactions Report
Account Transactions Archive
Participant Site Log
User Site Log
Failed Login Report
Security Setup
Company Users
All Participant Access
Company Thresholds
Company Group Types